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What's New On The Farm?, Issue #002
August 14, 2020

Time For Your Fall Garden

Happy Friday, garden lovers! We here at David's Garden Seeds® have been thinking about fall planting and already have started it, including last Friday and today. Next Friday, we will plant our root crops. Today, fall plant starters are going in the ground. Because David likes to share, he has given a lot of starters to the store to sell for your fall garden. Right now we have beefsteak tomatoes, cherry tomatoes, slicing tomatoes, lettuce, kale and broccoli starters for $2 a piece this weekend only.

On Monday, the starters will go up to $3 a piece so come and get yours today. The electrician will be here tomorrow and if he turns off the electricity, we will not have internet which means we can't take card payments.

Come on out and get your starters as soon as possible because they will go fast.

Getting Rabbits

If you follow along on the blog, you know that we just got three rabbits on Tuesday. They are doing well and are starting to relax and be friendly when we walk into their air conditioned hutch. We will be selling the rabbit manure to our customers because it does not burn garden plants. Gardens love it.

We still need to name the bunnies. They are gorgeous.

The Chickens

Above, the chickens are enjoying some cold watermelon and cooked carrots from our garden as a snack to help them in the heat of the afternoon. They are running inside away from the food because Lucy, our big dog who puts them to bed every night, came out with me to give them the treat. They also have an evaporative cooler to make them feel better. Their coop gets the afternoon sun so they needed something for sure.

Well, something I suspected for many weeks was confirmed this week. One of our Rhode Island Red hens is not a hen. Yes, sadly, it is a rooster! I am not sure what to do with him yet. We have the chickens for egg production to sell, not to get more chicks. But isn't he just beautiful with those green feathers coming in that look so shiny? I don't know if we will get rid of him, or put him in his own coop with one or two of the other hens...

The photos don't do the rooster justice. You can also see some of my Black Bards in the photos.

Guess who rules the roost? Not the rooster! Not even one of the chicken girls.

This male guinea rules it. The rooster runs whenever he shows up. They are all afraid of him.

Isn't he pretty?

Goings On Around The Farm

As I mentioned earlier, we have been planting for the fall. We have hundreds of starter plants and some of the David's Garden Seeds® team members, along with Matthew, have been planting them all morning long. Now it is past lunchtime and they are still being planted.

We are having a roof put on over the front deck of our home as it faces west. When the afternoon sun hits, it is one of the most miserable places you can be in the summer with the 100° Fahrenheit heat hitting you in the face.

The new building in the business complex now has two finished bathrooms, complete with toilets and sinks. The two smelly outhouses are gone. We are still not finished with the new building. We want to add a commercial kitchen but we are waiting for a while on that.

We got a larger dumpster so we don't have trash overflowing and blowing across the property.

Since the store opened, we have hired six locals in addition to all of the team members who stayed with us from San Antonio. We are getting a lot of local customers as well as many from San Antonio. Things must be getting somewhat better out here because more are visiting from the big city (as far as coronavirus is concerned.)

I hired a helper for the store. Karen is doing a great job so if you don't see me in the store, say hello to Karen. I hope she is with us for a long time! Please say hi at the store. So many of you have come in saying that you read the blog. I have taken photos with you and I have had some great conversations about your gardens. I love seeing your photos and talking with you.

Our store hours are subject to change so make sure and check at MrsDavidsGardenSeeds website or at our original website, DavidsGardenSeeds®. We do update our websites but we have no control over what other websites say about us, like Yelp and other review sites.

Thank you to all of you who have placed orders with us or who have come by the store to get seeds and plants. I appreciate every one of you.

Happy Gardening,


aka Mrs. David's Garden Seeds®

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