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FAQ Page

This is our FAQ page to answer all of those frequently asked questions that customers always ask us in person, on social media or in emails about our business, David's Garden Seeds®.

Our farm in July of 2019 before we put anything on it.Our farm in July of 2019 before we put anything on it.

FAQ Page For David's Garden Seeds®

Are your seeds GMO (Genetically Modified Organisms?)

All of our seeds are Non-GMO. We do not have a license to sell GMO seeds, nor do we want one. We took the Safe Seed Pledge for our own health as well as for your health.

Where do you get your seeds?

We get our seeds from reputable farmers and growers throughout the United States whom  David has formed friendships and business relationships with throughout the past 25 years. We grow some of the seeds here on our own farm. All of our seeds are Non-GMO and are grown by those who have taken the Safe Seed Pledge, just as we have.

Are your seeds from China?

No, our seeds are not from China. Our seeds are from the United States of America. All of our growing is done right here in the United States. The seeds we sell do not leave the country for any type of growing, processing, or packaging. Counting and packaging the seeds is done right here on our farm just outside of Poteet, Texas by our wonderful team.

Do you have a paper catalog?

No, we do not have a paper catalog in our efforts to remain a green company. You can see all of our current seeds on our website at www.davidsgardenseeds.com or on our Amazon Store.

Why isn't your phone number listed on your website anymore?

We used to have a published business phone number but people would call to ask us gardening questions in general without even buying anything from us. They would call to ask about the status of orders and to place orders over the phone. We did not have customer service representatives to take these calls. Management would take them. As a result, orders would not get filled and other needed work would not get done.

If you need to contact us, you can always email us at davidsgardenseeds@outlook.com or send a message on our Facebook page or Instagram page.

Why did you leave San Antonio?

For the last ten years or so, we wanted to buy a farm and move to the country so we could have a big garden instead of small beds in a tiny backyard. The city of San Antonio is beautiful but there are not many large yards where you could fit in 100 raised garden beds, an orchard, and a field full of plants.

We bought our farm on July 30, 2019 and moved to the farm on August 16, 2019. In July of 2020, we finally got our whole business moved to the farm. Now, instead of a one hour commute one way, we have a 30 second walk across the parking lot to our offices. Some of our team members who live in San Antonio did not make the move, but most of them did. Since then, we have already hired six local people to help us out.

We are loving the area and all of the locals who visit tell us that they love having us here. We love living here!

Why should I buy seeds from David's Garden Seeds® instead of the big box stores or dollar stores? Your seeds are so expensive.

We pack our seeds fresh every day right here on the farm by a team of just under 20 people. We hire good people who do their best to count, package, and ship your seeds accurately.

The seeds you buy at the big box stores and especially at the dollar stores are old, probably from a few years before you get them. You have no idea where your seeds have been. Some seed companies actually ship their seeds over to China to have them counted and packaged and then ship them back to the company before they are distributed to stores and/or shipped out to you.

David's Garden Seeds® does everything right here in Poteet, Texas on our farm. We even design and print our own envelopes. I (Juanita) oversee all of the website orders and I personally fill and ship many of them myself.

You get what you pay for and it costs a lot to keep Texans working but we feel it is worth every penny. We don't pay minimum wage to any of our team members. They deserve a living wage. When we treat our people right, they do a great job for you!

I am afraid to go to your seed store because of Covid. Can you ship the seeds to me?

Many are afraid to shop in person this year (2020). That is okay because we ship orders all over the United States, including San Antonio. If you spend more than $20, shipping is free to you. If we have everything in stock, you can expect to receive your package in three to five  business days. If not, it may take a little longer.

We like to get our orders out the same day, but when we have hundreds of them in the queue, it may take a day or two more to get to your order. We try our best to get them out to you in a timely manner.

Also, remember that USPS is delivering a bit slower because they have more mail to ship since people all over the country are having items shipped to them a lot more than before Covid.

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David of David's Garden Seeds® zipping along on his little tractor across the farm. He is having a blast!David of David's Garden Seeds® zipping along on his little tractor across the farm. He is having a blast!

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