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Onions growing in a raised bed that we have weed barrier in.Onions growing in a raised bed that we have weed barrier in.

Do you need garden ideas before you think of planning a garden? It is always a good idea to have a plan. Draw a diagram of where you think you want to plant things. Make sure the spaces you choose are getting at least six to eight hours of sunlight per day.

You may not know this, but some veggies do not like other veggies or trees so you need to place some plants apart from others. This is called Companion Planting and it is a real thing. You can learn more about Companion Planting here. In fact, I wrote the entire companion planting section on David's Garden Seeds®. I have done presentations to garden clubs in the San Antonio area. It is fun and interesting. I suggest reading the whole section so you don't make any gardening boo boos.

We have a lot of garden ideas to help you as you plan your garden. You can have a vegetable garden, an herb garden, a flower garden, a kitchen garden, a combination of two or three or even plant a fairy garden with and for your children. Get the kids involved early so they will have a love for planting and growing their own food and flowers.

The best garden is one that includes veggies, herbs for the kitchen, and certain flowers that keep pests off of your veggies. For instance, French marigolds and nasturtium flowers keep bugs off of vegetables. White icicle radishes also keep squash bugs off of your squash and zucchini if you plant the radishes around your squash bed. This is the only radish that will work.

Vegetable Garden Ideas

One of the best and easiest garden ideas is to use raised beds like we do. We now have sandy farm land but David likes the ease of having everything in rows of raised garden beds. David has ten raised beds together in each row and he has ten rows of ten beds so that is 100 raised garden beds.

Then he took PVC pipes and made five hoop houses over every two rows as well as one greenhouse. He put shade cloth over the hoop houses. He also has one greenhouse that is the same size as the hoop houses but is covered in plastic, has a giant fan, tables, shelves, and heaters.

Raised beds are good if you have horrible soil like the clay that is in San Antonio. They are also good if it is difficult to bend all the way down to the ground, especially as we grow a bit older.

Building a DIY greenhouse is also one of the best garden ideas. That way, you can grow all year long. PVC pipes work great along with heavy duty plastic. We made a door as well to keep the cold air out.

Cover crops with garden fabric when frost or freezing temperatures are going to hit if they are not inside the greenhouse. This is what we do. So far, even though we had a few 32° nights, all of our plants are doing well.

You may want to build your garden beds with a bench where you can sit on the side of the bed to garden. That way, you don't have to kneel in dirt. It is also easier on the back.

Consider putting weed barrier down and then make holes in it for the seeds or plants. This will save you on having to weed your garden beds.

Garden Ideas Include Rotating Crops Each Year

It is important that you change where you plant your veggies each year or you will deplete the soil of the minerals needed to grow good crops. In the fall after you are through gardening, plant cover crops to put minerals back into the soil. Then in the spring, plow them under and get your garden beds ready for a new round of growing.

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