Our Farm Yard

We have a four acre farm yard. Part of it is for our gardens, orchard, and living and the front part of it is for our business, David's Garden Seeds®. We have been setting our farm up since August of 2019 and we have accomplished a lot in such a short amount of time.

Our Farm Yard

Monday, March 9, 2020

This morning, we left the farm yard with two of our farm workers and took off for San Antonio. Our sales have been so many over the weekend that we have to be there to ship things out. David went in yesterday at 7pm and spent Sunday night there, working until 2am by himself. We stayed until after 7pm getting seeds counted, packaged and shipped out.

Meanwhile, our workers down on the farm took care of the crops and the land while we all wait for the delivery of our new retail store. It is supposed to happen tomorrow, but then again, it was supposed to happen three weeks ago, so there is that...

Tuesday, March 10,2020

This morning, our new building came to the farm yard. We had a gravel pad built for it to sit on in the right front corner of our property. This 16 foot by 44 foot building will become our new retail store out on the farm.

We had to take down a large part of the front fence so the building could get into the property. The driver got stuck in the sand once with the building but he did not panic. He was a pro and got down out of the cab, assessed the situation, used a shovel, did a few other things, and had the truck moving again. This guy was awesome. He and his team of four others got the building in place, blocked and level in just a few hours.

The building looks good. Matt and Matthew went to work starting on a front deck so we can get up inside the building. Once that is done, the inside will be sheet rocked, painted, and fixed up so customers can have a pleasant shopping experience. We are planning to open around May 1. I will keep you posted.

Once the building was put in place, David and I headed off for the office in San Antonio. We are currently having the busiest week ever in our ten and a half years in business. It is awesome.

We ended up staying at work in San Antonio until 7pm.

Wednesday, March 11, 2020

Wednesday morning, we waved goodbye to our new store building and the farm yard in the dark and headed to San Antonio to work and get things shipped out. We arrived around 7am and did not leave until almost 8pm.

Some of our team is here in the farm yard to work on the porch of the new retail store so we can get the sheet rock in the storm when it is delivered on Friday.

Thursday, March 12, 2020

We got to work early this morning again because our staff is not big enough to handle the March sales. We hired another new guy today to stuff seed envelopes.

Somewhere around lunchtime, Dave Ramsey posted that the Live Like No One Else Cruise is canceled. Honestly, there are so few cases of the coronavirus but people are losing their minds over it. For days I have been reading Facebook and Instagram posts from other passengers freaking out because their world was going to fall apart if they had to take the cruise. Honestly, we are not going to China or Italy so until this point, Dave was saying the cruise ship was leaving the dock with or without us. But not now.

Dave Ramsey said he has no plans to reschedule. We have been planning the trip for a whole year, and his team has been planning for longer than that. Now comes the fun of trying to get refunds from everywhere. The worst part is that I now have suitcases packed with nowhere to go. I have wanted to take a cruise for many years but David always said no until Dave Ramsey was going. So this weekend, if there is time, I will unpack.

Honestly, I am devastated but I will get over it. This is the hard part of planning a trip for a whole year.

Meanwhile, no one can find toilet paper or bottled water in any store. Everyone is showing photos of empty store shelves. The worst part is that we are so busy with the business and driving back and forth early in the morning and late in the evening that we don't have time to go see for ourselves. This corona panic is being fed by the media so everyone is stockpiling things.

Friday, March 13, 2020

This morning, we left the house in the dark at 6:30am to go to the office in San Antonio. We found out that yesterday was our best day ever on Amazon in ten and one half years! Thank you to all of our wonderful customers!

I called Holland America Cruise Line to get refunds for all of the excursions and other things that I paid for so we could enjoy on our trip. So far a few have been processed but one department has not yet opened so I have to call back. Fun times for sure.

This afternoon, we meet with our accountant for the final bill so we can file our income taxes. During this meeting, the President declared a national emergency so now the stores are emptying out even more.

San Antonio has postponed Fiesta from April to November. Poteet says their Strawberry Festival is still on for the first weekend in April. Someone gave us a booth and wants us there. I say no way. We are too old to sit there from 9am until midnight three days in a row. Plus, this corona thing will still be going on as that is three weeks from today.

We arrived back in the farm yard at 7:30pm and Home Depot never showed with our building supplies. David called them throughout the day and each time they said that our supplies would be delivered before 8pm. At 8pm, David called and was told our supplies would now be delivered next Wednesday, March 18. They gave no excuse as to why they were not delivered today or why they would not be delivered before March 18. This means we cannot start getting the inside of our store ready to open.

The trash truck did not come today so our dumpster is full. Hopefully, they will come tomorrow.

Saturday, March 14, 2020

Today, we went on a quest for supplies. We went to four area stores and found some water and a few basic food supplies but no toilet paper or any kind of antibacterial soap or Clorox wipes. Looks like we will have to deal with corona without these supplies. When all of this settles down, if it goes back to normal, I will be stocking up so we don't have to go through all of this again for the next media pandemic.

The trash truck did come this morning so I do not have to call them.

I spent the afternoon unpacking our cruise suitcases and doing laundry. By the evening, I was exhausted and my legs were hurting so I fell asleep on the couch instead of working on David's Garden Seeds®. That means tomorrow afternoon I will have to work on it.

Sunday, March 15, 2020

This morning, I found one more suitcase to unpack and we are getting ready for church. San Antonio and a lot of other cities have closed many churches but ours is open. After that, we will be working. So the churches in San Antonio have been planning ahead, saying on social media, and in email, and texts that there will be lots of hand sanitizer and no shaking of hands and touching. We went to a local church and they were all over each other like white on rice so that was a bit scary.

It rained today while we were in church and the sky looks like more rain could come at any moment.

Now that we are not going on our cruise, we are planning on getting chickens much sooner than we were going to. David found a nice chicken coop with a yard and said he was going to order it today. Now I need to read my chicken book and see what kinds we want to buy. 

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David of David's Garden Seeds® zipping along on his little tractor across the farm. He is having a blast!David of David's Garden Seeds® zipping along on his little tractor across the farm. He is having a blast!

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