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This week is all about mailing orders from David's Garden Seeds® out to our customers. Ever since coronavirus started in March, we have been shipping thousands of orders. Most of our orders are shipped out through the magic of FBA or Fulfillment By Amazon. Once corona happened, Amazon said they would only ship out things to help people deal with corona like masks and medical supplies. The rest of Amazon's sellers were on their own.

Overnight, we got over 8,000 Amazon orders in the queue to fill and mail out. We were definitely understaffed for such a job. Ordinarily, we would get between three and ten orders a day to fill from our website, but we never got Amazon orders since we would send our product to Amazon and they would ship it. I always took care of the website orders. Now we are getting between 50 and 100 website orders a day. Weekends mean we could have 300 plus orders to ship out the next Monday.

All of the new buildings we will need for our business to move to the farm have been ordered two weeks ago and hopefully, they are in the process of being built. Once they are delivered and placed on the front section of the farm, they will need to be finished out with dry wall and flooring, lights, and air conditioning. We will also need the electricity to be installed and turned on. Once all of that happens, we will get our whole business moved out to the farm.

In the meantime, we are still mailing orders through Amazon and through our website, out to you, our valuable customers.

Mailing Orders May 11-May 17, 2020

Monday, May 11, 2020

This morning, it was time to feed all of the animals and do something I had not done in a week--go to the office in San Antonio. Someone made himself comfy last week and used my office to work in--a part time, temporary worker. I came in and all of the things on my desk were moved around. I could not believe it.

I got to work printing out website orders from the weekend and my assistant, Bethany, pulled them all and helped me with mailing orders out. If you are one of our customers, thank you for ordering seeds from David's Garden Seeds®! We filled this giant mail cart for the USPS twice with all of our Amazon orders.

Then the mailman gave us this smaller cart this evening. It won't be big enough to last us until 2pm tomorrow.

Several of our temporary workers have gone back to work while others decided to take today off so we had a skeleton crew of workers.

Our dog, Lucy, has been having some liver enzyme problems for the past month. The vet has had her on steroids and then for the past two weeks, some liver support pills. On Saturday, she started gnawing at her paws again. I saw blood on the carpets. We called today to get her in today instead of at her appointment tomorrow. A big thank you goes to our son, Matt, who has been taking Lucy to the vet since the day after Easter.

Matt called and said the doctor has put Lucy back on steroids and said her liver is doing better. But if that is true, why is she eating her paws again and bleeding all over my house? We have spent almost $700 now trying to get her better. Poor baby.

Our chicks are 12 days old today and are doing well. Their favorite game is filling their water drinker and their feeder with cedar shavings. They do it all day long and during the night. Their feathers are coming in on their wings and tails mostly. They still have a lot of chick fuzz but they can fly. They are still terrified of humans and run to the sides of the tank from where we are.

Tuesday, May 12, 2020

I woke up at 5am to the sound of the ocean pounding against jagged rocks, like I have heard in San Diego on a stormy day. It was actually a hard rain. By the time we were ready for work, the rain had stopped.

We drove into San Antonio and spent yet another day mailing orders instead of being on the farm. The problem with that is that workers don't always do what you need for them to do when you are not there or they do what you don't want them to do. We cannot be in two places at once.

Our new pool came today, but the ground is not ready for it yet in the backyard because we have been so busy mailing orders.

Wednesday, May 13, 2020

Today, our baby chicks turn two weeks old! They are sprouting feathers all over their bodies and are so big!

One of our garden helpers on the farm did something we did not want done to one of our crops today so we won't be able to sell them in our store. That is so disappointing.

The store building is not yet done on the farm, although it is coming close. We have not had a chance to get seeds hung up yet. A customer dropped by our business this afternoon wanting to buy seeds. Of course, we have nothing here to sell him and no way of taking payment as all of that has moved to the farm. He was upset about all of the Covid nonsense, just like we are. We told him for now he can order his seeds online. He said he would come out to the farm and see us next month when we open. (Hopefully, we will open by June.)

Thursday, May 14, 2020

David and I stayed on the farm today. David is starting to set up the store. Our manager emailed throughout the day for me to make changes on our website so I was kept hopping.

Today is the two week anniversary since we got the chicks. They are getting their feathers in and no longer look like baby chicks.

Our staff in San Antonio is continually mailing orders that keep coming in. Because everyone is home and on the internet, this afternoon, our staff could not print out orders so they could not fill any new orders.

David has made the decision to go in at 4am on Friday and see what he can get printed before the masses wake up and prevent printing. Unfortunately, our staff won't work around the clock during this difficult time when we could really use around the clock help.

Friday, May 15, 2020

David went in at 4am today to the office in San Antonio to print orders. He printed a lot until a bit before 7am and then things slowed down again. It is ridiculous that people are home so no one can get anything done that really needs to be done. Let's get people back to work where they belong.

David is letting our temporary part timers go today but asked a few to stay on another week. They said no because they are taking a vacation. Okay.

David came back home because he had a 10am appointment with someone out here. Now he is trying to catch up on some sleep.

We have three workers on the property today. The store is not quite finished. We have electricity now and the air conditioners are working great. The counter inside needs to be built. The guys are finishing up the store deck. We bought cedar for railings on the deck where we will display plants. We also need the side deck with steps built so the side door can be used for emergency purposes.

Four other buildings are being put together at the factory and should be here in about six weeks. When they get here, they will need sheet rock and floors so it will be a while before we can say goodbye to San Antonio.

Mailing orders continues to be a difficult thing due to everyone being on the internet at once.

Saturday, May 16, 2020

We had two of our people working on the farm today. They got a lot done. The ground is all wet from the rain earlier in the week. That means sandy mud is being tracked into the buildings, including our new store with its pretty new floor. It was a muddy mess by the end of the day.

David has been trying to print the thousands of Amazon orders that we still have to fulfill. Each day, it gets harder to print them because of all of the people on the internet constantly. Mailing orders has become harder and harder. We have only about 2,000 right now but we cannot get enough printed out to get them gone. David started getting up at 1am to see if that helps. Sometimes, he can get a decent amount printed. Around 6am, printing comes to a screeching halt because everyone is already up and online, probably streaming Netflix. School is not out here yet either so around 8am nothing happens.

Sunday, May 17, 2020

I went out to the new shed home for the chickens for the next little while this morning. I took the fencing off of the stock tank where they currently reside and pulled out the feeder and the water jug. I took them in to our utility sink to cleanse them from lots of unrighteousness. When I got back out to the chicken home, our white guinea hen flew through the fencing and was roosting on top of it! Essentially, she was free to explore the entire shed. NO.....

Just as she spread her wings to fly, I grabbed her and put her back inside. The wire we are using to cover the stock tank is rabbit wire and some of the holes are small and they gradually get bigger. So we needed to cut another length of it and then flip it. We quickly got that taken care of so now they cannot fly through the fencing. That was kind of freaky.

The chicks will be going out to live in their lovely, large coop as soon as it gets secured up, possibly next week. It needs hardware cloth 12 inches down into the ground and there are some gaps for predators to be able to waltz on in and dine on my chicks. The sand washed away due to rain last night from the bottom, exposing gaping holes between the ground and the building.

We need to start looking for another local church. The one we have been attending since March is just not going to work for us. Too bad.

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