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Our Fall Garden

Our fall garden is all planted.Our fall garden is all planted.

Over the past few weeks, we have been planting our fall garden. About six weeks ago, we started planting seeds in the greenhouse in pots for fall planting. Now we are putting them in the sand in raised garden beds. We also planted some seeds directly into the field/orchard area in furrows dug by a neighboring farmer.

It is still 100° plus here but soon, the sun will not be quite as intense and things will grow better here on the farm than they do in the spring as it begins to cool down.

Our Fall Garden - August 24-August 30, 2020

Monday, August 24, 2020

Mrs. David's Garden Seeds® in her company cap. You can get one, too!Mrs. David's Garden Seeds® in her company cap. You can get one, too!

Today was an extremely busy day. Karen, my assistant, has been working on some great social media posts for David's Garden Seeds®. This has freed me up to do the exciting (can you sense the sarcasm?) price changes that need to be done on the website. It turns out that I worked on the price changes for the entire day and I am only down to the Fs... Back to price changes tomorrow!

We had several customers here at the store shortly after we opened and then two more just before we closed. They were all still buying seeds for their fall gardens. All of them wanted to know what we have growing in our fall garden.

Matthew has been planting our fall seedlings from the greenhouse, usually with one team member at a time. We grew them all from our seeds about six weeks or so ago. We plant so many of each kind in our fall garden and then bring the rest to the store so that you can buy starters for your fall garden.

You can pick up one of our DGS logo caps, shown above, here!

Tuesday, August 25, 2020

Jeremy and Max are at the barbecue place we went to with the team.Jeremy and Max are at the barbecue place we went to with the team.

Jeremy and the children just arrived. Jeremy will, hopefully, finish the electricity installation in the new building. The children will have to work on their schooling while they are here.

Today, we, David's Garden Seeds®, are going to try out a new place in Devine for our monthly lunch. They said they would accommodate the whole team and David went last week to test it out. He said it was good.

We have no birthdays this month, but we found out our pastor has an August birthday. We invited him but now he is ill so he will not be there. We will still celebrate him. We will have some plates made and delivered to him and his family.

Then back to our fall garden, both in our raised garden beds and in our field out in the back 40.

Max is eating his brownie in a mug.Max is eating his brownie in a mug.
We made brownies in a mug and Holley is loving it.We made brownies in a mug and Holley is loving it.

We just got back from a team lunch at Fly Bys Smoke N Grill, a barbecue place in Devine. It was pretty good. The fried mushroom appetizer was juicy and very tasty. They have a decent rib eye that was perfectly seasoned. Their fries are seasoned right. I also tried some of their potato salad, which was good. It has mustard in it, not overpowering, but different than what you normally get. They had a homemade peach cobbler that was served with vanilla ice cream. It was a generous portion and quite tasty. The owners came out and talked to us. They are so friendly. We will be back.

It is getting kind of cloudy with the breeze picking up. I hear Hurricane Laura is headed to Texas. I wonder if that has anything to do with our weather. Looks like Laura won't hit until Wednesday. It is 96° Fahrenheit right now and feels like an oven out there in our fall garden.

For anyone new to us, my husband, is David of David's Garden Seeds®. We sell garden seeds, all of which are Non-GMO. We have been in business for 11 years next month and we were located in San Antonio, Texas. Back on June 15, we opened our store up in Rossville, Texas, just outside of Poteet. On June 30, the business moved to the farm, which means our whole team is now out here working every day.

We have enjoyed meeting so many of you who have visited us at our new farm store. We are open Monday through Friday from 9am to 5pm. We are located at 5029 FM 2504.

In the evening, I finally finished the pricing list on the computer that David gave me to do last week. I had to do it while watching Hell's Kitchen but I am glad I got it done.

Wednesday, August 26, 2020

Just a few of our chicks came out quickly for a photo this morning.Just a few of our chicks came out quickly for a photo this morning.

This morning, our chickens turned 17 weeks old. They are so adorable, aren't they?

Before I fed the chicks this morning, I went to our fall garden to pick a few things that are ready from the spring garden. They are kind of mixed in. I found that two of my large ground cherry plants were completely brown and dead, but the third one is just fine and green and still growing.

I found a lot of our tomato plants out in the orchard field are covered with a fungus and some are dead. David says we will pull them all up and start again. However, the grape tomato plant the Sun Gold tomato plant are prolifically producing inside the second hoop house and they will not be pulled up. They have no fungus. Our different melon plants are still producing as well so they will be left alone.

Holley and Max came to see me today since their dad is working on the electricity in the new building. I baked them each a mug cake, chocolate fudge brownie, and they ate them before lunch. (Don't tell their dad!)

Nahass Construction is back in the new building today installing a drop ceiling and then Jeremy, who finished most of the electric work, will drop the lights.

Nacho from Top Notch Lawn Care is out here doing the entire four acres today while Phil and Matthew are fixing the rabbit hutch. They are replacing the one inch waste pipes with two inch pipes. Hopefully, they won't clog now the way they were doing. The rabbits are getting more comfortable with us. Soon we will start the breeding process as they are all ready to make some babies.

We need to get nesting boxes and some more cages for the baby rabbits when they are weaned.

Thursday, August 27, 2020

Holley is liking her watermelon Bomb Pop. Our living room is in the background.Holley is liking her watermelon Bomb Pop. Our living room is in the background.
Max is enjoying his watermelon Bomb Pop at the kitchen table.Max is enjoying his watermelon Bomb Pop at the kitchen table.

Unfortunately, Jeremy and the kids went home early and the job did not get done. The other electrician has to come out again on Saturday and finish. I have given Karen some new tasks to help me and she is doing a great job with them. For the first time, I feel like everything will go fine if I don't show up.

It was a busy day with two other contractors here working on the new building. A drop ceiling was added as well as sheet rock.

Friday, August 28, 2020

Happy Friday! Our fall garden is still not totally in the ground yet. I think we have way too many starter plants and not enough raised garden beds.

Usually, on Mondays and Fridays, our store gets the most customers. This is how it has always been since we first opened back in 2015. Interestingly, we had four sets of customers on Monday and zero for the rest of the week including today. I think it is partly because school has started and partly because of the coronavirus and its continuing spread according to the media.

Late in the afternoon, our neighbors across the street called to offer us a 15 pound bag of fresh-off-the-tree pears. Another neighbor gave her two bags. We gratefully accepted one and they are delicious. We took a few out to the chicks and they loved them.

If it were not so hot out, (104°) we would have our fall garden planted by now. Next Tuesday is already September.

The trash man showed up and emptied the dumpster.

The chickens are loving the pears!The chickens are loving the pears!
The chickens are loving the pears.The chickens are loving the pears.

Saturday, August 29, 2020

Today, I did some laundry and light housekeeping chores and then I started watching The Office while doing website work. The Office is hilarious and if you have never watched it, I highly recommend it for laughs.

The electrician showed up and got the lights up that still needed to be put up in building # four this morning. The electricity is finally completed for a while, until we put in our commercial kitchen appliances. We did not have the store open today because there was no electricity for several hours.

I worked on this website as well as others today. I also did some social media posts. It was way too hot outside. We are planning on watching Svengoolie this evening. We never used to watch it and then this past winter, we had MeTV on and we saw an ad for a Saturday night movie that someone named Svengoolie hosts. We started watching it every Saturday and have watched it ever since.

Right past the middle of the movie, I have to go out and put the chickens to bed. Some weeks it is so easy to do, either because the chickens have already put themselves away or because Lucy runs and barks and they go inside quickly. Other weeks, the chicks will not cooperate and it can take ten to fifteen minutes to get them all away.

Sunday, August 30, 2020

This morning, we had two special visitors back at the chicken coop. Yes, two birds that I first thought were turkeys were back trying to communicate with our guineas. They are the two guineas who live across the street from us. They are quite a bit larger than our guineas. Fortunately, they have not gone into our fall garden as of yet. They did try to get into the coop when we opened the door today.

Today, was a hot and humid day. The air conditioner on the chicken coop went out. Each time we turned on the fan portion, the fuse would blow. When we turned on the pump, the water would flow. David decided that we should bring a bigger one down from the field for the chickens. The chickens are happy.

Nothing was done to the fall garden today as it was just way too hot and humid, over 100°.

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