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Spring Seed Orders 2021

The spring seed orders for 2021 have started two months earlier than they did last year. In March of 2020, all of a sudden there was an onslaught of orders. This year they started picking up right after New Year's Day and they have not let up. We are grateful. I think people learned from last year when the grocery shelves were empty and seed companies ran out of a lot of seeds and many seed companies closed for periods of time.

The same seed company closures are happening in 2021 all over again. David's Garden Seeds® never closed in 2020 and we don't plan on closing in 2021. We have run out of some varieties of seeds. However, we have over 1700 varieties of seeds in stock because we prepared for spring seed orders for 2021 in the fall of 2020, buying extra seeds as much as we could.

Some of the spring seed orders that are ready for the mailman. You can see our store floor in this photo.Some of the spring seed orders that are ready for the mailman. You can see our store floor in this photo.

Spring Seed Orders

Monday, February 8, 2021

Here is our small, final broccoli harvest for the season. Then we pulled up the plants. The chickens enjoyed the leaves on the plants.Here is our small, final broccoli harvest for the season. Then we pulled up the plants. The chickens enjoyed the leaves on the plants.

Good Monday morning. I spent almost my entire weekend pulling and filling spring seed orders and it was just a drop in the bucket compared to how many there still are to be filled.

This morning, I made website updates, cancelling out a lot of seeds as they are gone now. I also added new products. Don't be afraid to try new varieties of seeds just because your favorites are gone. You may find new favorites.

We had some personnel problems last week and today. We try to do a good job hiring people but we do sometimes allow crazy into the company, as Dave Ramsey puts it. Unfortunately, it happens in every company once in a while. Below, are some tips on how to treat your managers or supervisors where you work. Maybe it will extend your job or help you succeed in your job and get promoted.

Tips To Help You Keep A Job

We are a good company to work for if you follow the rules. We pay well and we treat our people well. If they have personal problems, we will work with them, even giving them money to help with buying a car, an appliance, or paid time off to get something important done. In return, we expect people to do their jobs well and we expect respect. When you do something you should not be doing, we let you know. When you tell us "I don't care," that is a different story. When you say something rude to me, I don't like it but, most of the time, I will let it slide.

But when you say something rude to David, I will not tolerate it. David is generous and when he takes the time to talk to you about something, it is because he cares. When you tell him you don't care about what he is saying, I am done.

People who interrupt us mid-sentence to say they don't care about what we are saying are rude and disrespectful. When you are on the clock and we are telling you something in a meeting, if you are smart, you will just listen. If you have done something wrong, don't try to justify it. Just apologize and say you will do better.

Another thing, we expect you to show up everyday on time. If you must call in, call in at 8am and speak to one of us. Don't text us the day before and say you won't be in the next day because you have something else to do. Call the morning of and speak with someone.

Don't let two days go by without calling. That is two days of no call, no show. That means you just terminated yourself. It has happened several times. One girl took a trip to California during spring break and texted David on a Sunday afternoon saying she could not make it to work in the morning because she missed her flight home. This person had already been told she could not have time off that week but that did She finally made it back on Wednesday night. She actually called to ask if she still had a job. We are not stupid. There are multiple flights each day between LA and San Antonio.

Back to Spring Seed Orders

This year, the spring seed orders have started two months earlier than they did in 2020. This means we are running out of some of your favorite seeds earlier than we did in 2020. For instance, everyone wants Fortex Pole Beans this year. We are having a hard time finding anymore. There are quite a few other seeds that we have run out of already. Another one is the Juliet Plum Tomato, gone...This is an important seed here in Texas because it is a heat tolerant tomato that we always sell out of, but this year we sold out of it in January.

What I am trying to say is, get your seed orders in early because everyone else is. They are sending in orders over $100 at a time and they are ordering multiples of some seed varieties. Don't wait until it is planting time because your favorites may be long gone.

Tuesday, February 9, 2021

Nacho and his team started the loading dock cover before they left.Nacho and his team started the loading dock cover before they left.

Today was a noisy day in the Farm Store because Nacho and his crew were putting the rest of the roof up between the store and the next building. There was a whole lot of shake, rattle, and roll going on for hours. They finished mid-afternoon and started building a cover over the delivery dock on the production building. This is where we are supposed to receive all of our package deliveries from UPS, FedEx, freight, USPS, and Amazon.

So many times, packages are left there nights and weekends or in the rain and we have no idea so it is good to protect them from the elements. However, some of the delivery drivers put the packages wherever they want, like at the gate or on one of the other decks. I guess they can't read well. So whenever a package comes, it is like going on a treasure hunt all around the property.

It is hot today, close to 80° Fahrenheit and I think it is fooling trees and flowers into a false sense of spring with freezing temperatures just around the corner. In February of 2020, our trees had fruit on them when the cold hit. We never got one piece of fruit last year and almost all of our 60 trees died.

The chickens are healing up after being pecked for so long by the guineas. Some feathers are growing out but they take a very long time to come out enough to cover all of that naked skin. I feel so bad that most of them will still be fairly bare when the freezing temperatures hit later this week. The guineas are doing well in their new digs but they miss bossing the chickens around.

Wednesday, February 10, 2021

Today is a drizzly, foggy, chilly day. We are supposed to get actual rain showers. It is 55° and I just opened the David's Garden Seeds® Farm Store. Nacho and his crew are here putting up more deck coverings and whatever else David has told Nacho that needs to be done. They are dressed warmly with jackets and hats.

Right now, Phil, Aaron, Stephen, and Rodrigo are covering a lot of our plants and trees so they do not die in the freezing temperatures predicted by the end of the week. It should be at or below freezing for four days in a row starting on Friday night. A lot of our new orchard trees have been planted already. Some will spend the cold in our greenhouse. We just got some new heaters for the occasion. Originally, the cold was going to begin tonight but the weather man pushed it back. I hope they keep pushing it back and it never happens so our trees don't die again like most of them did in February of 2020 when it was 23° Fahrenheit for two nights in a row.

The spring seed orders continue to come in on Amazon, eBay, Etsy, and on our website. We continue to fill them as fast as possible. We lost three of our employees last week so today, we hired a new team member who will start this coming Monday, President's Day.

It is now 1pm and overcast but no rain as of yet. Nacho and his crew just packed up and left for the day. Before they left, they added skirting to the new deck by the store and painted it. They also painted the guinea coop. I am currently restocking the store and adding new products to the shelves.

Come by and see our beautiful new store here on the farm. Pick up everything for your spring seed orders, home canned food, and farm fresh chicken eggs.Come by and see our beautiful new store here on the farm. Pick up everything for your spring seed orders, home canned food, and farm fresh chicken eggs.

Thursday, February 11, 2021

Good rainy, cold morning here on the farm! It is pouring rain and 38° Fahrenheit. It has been raining since a little after 6am. It is not a light drizzle but a steady rainfall with bouts of pouring rain every few minutes. Our outdoor people did whatever needed to be done quickly and they are all inside helping in the production room today. In fact, I need to go back to the house from the store. I have a jacket with me, but did not bring an umbrella and I am afraid to go out and get cold and wet.

We are pulling more spring seed orders by the hundreds.

Lucy has a tear in her skin above her right front leg again. She keeps scratching it and it has been bleeding for a few days. We called the vet days ago and they said she could be seen next week. We called back and they said tomorrow. Then they called this morning and said they had a bad weather cancellation.

Lucy in my Marvel comic T shirt. She is adorable.Lucy in my Marvel comic T shirt. She is adorable.

We took Lucy in at 2pm and they fixed up her wound and put her on two pills again. The vet said to put a T shirt on her to cover the wound. This happens a lot because she has a liver imbalance. When she is on the liver chews, she is fine. But both Chewy and Amazon have been out of them. I have been giving her a multiple vitamin with liver stuff in it but apparently not enough. Amazon finally has liver chews in again and they arrived this afternoon just before 5pm.

I gave Lucy her pills this evening and I guess they make her sleepy because she parked herself on my lap all evening on the couch and slept. She is so cute.

Lucy in my T shirt with her head in my lap this evening.Lucy in my T shirt with her head in my lap this evening.

Friday, February 12, 2021

This morning, it was 32° when I got up and then it lowered to 31°. The guys are outside digging up all of the orchard trees that they planted earlier in the week. It is supposed to be at freezing or way below freezing for seven nights in a row with the lowest temperature hitting 11°. The trees won't make it. I am hoping all of our animals make it. We are in Texas. This horrible cold is not supposed to happen here...I truly hope the Weather Channel has it wrong and it stays above freezing.I did not get a chance to pull spring seed orders today.

It is overcast now and 35° with a high coming of 42° and a low tonight of 32°. From there, it gets worse.

The chickens laid 19 eggs today.

I am slowly working on stocking the Farm Store. So many seeds are out or have never been brought up. Now that my helper is over filling orders permanently, I have to stock the store by myself as well as everything else that needs to be done in the store, on the websites, social media, and helping to fill spring seed orders. It is a lot, which is why I needed someone to help me. At least this way I know it will be done correctly.

Saturday, February 13, 2021

Happy cold Saturday morning at 31°! It has stayed that temperature all day so far and it is now 1pm. I am filling spring seed orders. I also did some restocking of the seed shelves earlier. I opened at 10am, not expecting anyone to show up because it is cold and my front porch deck was a wee bit icy. Tiny amounts of sleet were falling earlier this morning. I had to sprinkle down the steps with salt.

About five minutes later, a beautiful family from San Antonio came to pick out their spring seed order. That really is the best way. They also took a tour of the farm in the cold. They bought two dozen of my farm fresh eggs which I know they will enjoy.

Matthew brought us some Billy Bob's Burgers with egg and they were so tasty. Now I am going to set up social media posts for the week since I no longer have an assistant to help me do this.

That was it for the customers for today. The spring seed orders keep pouring in.

Sunday, February 14, 2021

Today is the big, bad storm so we stayed home from church. Tiny pieces of ice are pelting around in the cold wind this morning. It won't get above freezing today. 32° will be the high. I am most concerned about the chickens and guineas.

I made a pork roast with veggies in the crockpot for dinner tonight. It cooked all day long. We ate leftover spaghetti for lunch. I baked a delicious loaf of sourdough tonight and it turned out to be my best yet.

I did not pull any spring seed orders today. Tomorrow I am going to wish I had pulled spring seed orders because I don't believe our team will be in on Monday to help. Lucy is getting much better, healing up nicely, and enjoying taking her pills inside of peanut butter flavored pill pockets for dogs. She thinks they are special treats. The chickens laid 18 eggs today.

I fell asleep on the couch watching TV around 9pm and still no snow...

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