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Farm life is fun with our rooster and some chickens (25)in the hen house. They love to be fed early and make a lot of noise all day long.Farm life is fun with our rooster and some chickens (25)in the hen house. They love to be fed early and make a lot of noise all day long.

Farm life combined with business sounds good but there are a lot of difficulties that come with living where you work, especially when close to 20 people come to your yard every day. Some of our team members get here at 6am and there are times when they stay until 8pm. This makes it difficult when you have animals outside that have to be fed early in the morning and you are not at your best yet. It can be downright embarrassing.

It is also bad if you want to take a swim early before work or after work and there are men in your yard. I feel like I cannot do anything some days. I thought they would be in the front but we have some team members who only work back in the field so I have to be dressed very early in the morning. No robe and slippers for me when I go out to feed the chickens.

There is no sitting out on the back deck in a robe enjoying a cup or two of coffee. When the guys hit our yard, our dogs go ballistic so there is no quiet and I hate to sit out there and be stared at. It might not bother some people, but it sure bothers me.

Farm life has early mornings and late nights with animals but I need to be properly dressed with a decent amount of makeup on so I don't scare our people away.

Daily Farm Life August 17-August 23, 2020

Monday, August 17, 2020

Good Monday morning! Of course, farm life started this morning with getting up before sunrise. I fed the four animals inside and made coffee. Then I rushed out to feed and water my chicks and Matthew, who was already here working outside, came and took care of the rabbits. He fed and watered them, and flushed down their number twos. David made an ingenious toilet system for them, saving the manure to sell and not letting the rabbit hutch smell bad.

Nahass Construction is here working on the porch. Karen is working on seed orders. Matthew and some of our crew are out in the hoop houses, planting watermelons that include Ace pollinators today. I have been pricing drinks and candy bars in the store for our customers' convenience. Some drive an hour or more to get here so now we have nice restrooms and drinks and snacks for them, as well as canned veggies out of our garden that David made and Texas 1015Y onions out of our garden. Soon there will be farm fresh chicken eggs! Once our commercial kitchen is put in, there will be other goodies.

Tuesday, August 18, 2020

Farm life is nice, but summer is rough with the heat and humidity. Even before 7am, it is hot and humid on most days. So it was sort of miserable feeding all of the animals this morning.

Then I got ready for work. I am expecting a dear friend from Leakey, Texas to bring three of her girlfriends in to shop. They are two hours away from us.

A few hours after typing this, two ladies came in to shop. I left Karen in charge while I ran to the bathroom. When I came back, Ruth Anne and her friends were here as well. So there were eight of us in the store. Just then David called to go see him. I told him I couldn't because we had six customers in here and one was Ruth Anne. He came right over to say hi.

All six ladies made purchases, including a lot of David's canned beets and bread and butter pickles. He needs to do some more pickling soon. His canned goods have been the hit of the store!

Wednesday, August 19, 2020

This morning's farm life included (as always) feeding and watering the bunnies. David was busy and Matthew had left the farm to go to town for hardware for the construction guys. I checked on them. They love their new bunny toys. I flushed their number two down the drain and it went out into the orange buckets. When it dries, we will collect it and sell rabbit manure for your garden in the David's Garden Seeds® Farm Store in the front of the farm.

I also hung some new chicken toys up in the chicken coop. They still have not figured out what to do with them.They will get there!

It is blazing hot out there today and will hit 100°+ so it is another day of heat and humidity as all this week will be. It seems I have been back and forth from building to building more today because I am training folks in several buildings.

Karen, my store assistant, is also going to start helping me with social media and marketing, which means we will not be doing website orders. We have passed the torch to some of our other new team members so I am training them.

This afternoon, some of our old weed barrier will be replaced with new rolls. The property needs to be cut. The prickers/stickers are getting tall and scratch my legs. We just can't seem to get rid of them. The dry wall guy is here working in the new building and the contractor is still working on the roof over our front deck.

Our manager is back but in some pain. Not only did he have an infected wisdom tooth pulled, but he also had a root canal on another molar. I think I would have stayed home but he manned up and is running our seed operation like the pro he is! Good job, Jay!

One of my Instagram friends from San Antonio, who was a regular in our seed store there, came out to the farm today with her family. We had a great visit and I gave them a tour of the place in the awful heat. Thank you, Allison, for the visit and for all of the kind things you posted about us.

At the end of the workday, everyone went home. David and our son, Matt, started peeling and chopping onions. I believe they blanched them to make the peels come off a bit easier. I was in the den with my feet up because my right leg was aching after the busy day I had. They got a bunch of Texas 1015Y onions ready to can and then came in and joined me in the den. I watched some Gordon Ramsey reruns on Fox. Then we started watching The Twilight Zone, season one. We are enjoying the old episodes that ran even before I was born and when I was a baby.

Thursday, August 20, 2020

Farm life is much slower than when we lived in San Antonio. It starts later in the morning and because work is in our front yard, the commute is not far. As you know by now, I start each morning by feeding one cat, three dogs, three rabbits, two guineas, and 23 chickens. Once that is all done, I eat and if he is still in the house, I will make David breakfast.

This morning, David was kind enough to make me an egg, cheese, onion, and mushroom omelette which was pretty good! Then David proceeded to continue chopping and peeling onions and finally canned quarts of onions this morning. They finished somewhere around 11:30am.

Friday, August 21, 2020

Yay! It is Friday! We did a lot of restocking of the store and pricing updates on the website. 

A life insurance representative called David and wanted to give us all a presentation. He said he would bring lunch. He brought Papa John's pizzas and did a 15 minute presentation and then we got to eat. I was starving.

Mike, one of our contractors, finished the front deck roof and it looks really nice.

One of our team members lost his phone on the property and I spent a couple of hours helping him find it. Yes, we did find it in the dumpster. He must have put it in a box that he was putting trash in from the front porch and then dumped it. Of course, the dumpster was the final looking place and there it was. It still worked but it was dead so we could not hear it ringing when we called it. No damage. Happy ending!

Saturday, August 22, 2020

The store is closed this morning because the electrician is coming again and he will turn off the electricity to the store as he does every Saturday. That means no air conditioning and no internet so I cannot take payments. It is way too hot here to sit in a building without air conditioning all day long. I am sorry but this will continue until he finishes.

Unfortunately, the electrician did not show up today at all. He said maybe tomorrow.

I was cleaning out the chicken coop early so I did not know that he wasn't coming until later. What a demanding farm life job. I shoveled out the wood shavings in all of the nesting boxes and I scraped chicken poo off of the wood. I shoveled up the stuff on the floor. Then I placed fresh wood shavings in the nesting boxes and on the floor. I was filthy and sweaty so I went in and showered. My right arm was shaking because my muscles were so tired.

David canned all day long on Saturday. The house smelled amazing. Loving this farm life style.David canned all day long on Saturday. The house smelled amazing. Loving this farm life style.

When I got back inside, David was in the kitchen, canning. He did that all day long. I cleaned the house up and did laundry.

Farm life demands that we check the garden every day for ripe produce. When we miss a day, tomatoes get mushy and ruined.

Sunday, August 23, 2020

I love it when the sun comes up like a fiery red ball!I love it when the sun comes up like a fiery red ball!

Happy Sunday! The electrician texted and said he could not make it again. David texted his son to come do the electricity next week. He will be here on Tuesday.

We had a good day. We got out of church an hour early since the pastor was not there so that meant I got to eat on time. I folded yesterday's laundry and just relaxed.

On Sunday afternoon, I found Kitty curled up on the white rug in the master bath. She looks so cozy.On Sunday afternoon, I found Kitty curled up on the white rug in the master bath. She looks so cozy.

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