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Getting Organized In Our Home

We decided that I would stay home from David's Garden Seeds®, getting organized in our home this week as we are having company over the weekend. We have been so busy with filling orders, that I haven't folded laundry in weeks. Everything is a mess in every room and there are boxes I still have not unpacked from last fall when we moved in.

Getting Organized May 4 - May 10, 2020

Monday, May 4, 2020

Look at my beautiful chicks!Look at my beautiful chicks!

Today the new babies are just five days old and continue to jam up the water supply with cedar shavings so they cannot drink. They are also filling their little feeder holes with cedar shavings. I guess it is true that chickens are not all that smart. But they sure are cute. Their feathers are coming in on their little wings. The cardboard box won't work for much longer. There are 26 of them and they are growing so quickly. I noticed they are much taller than they were last Thursday when we brought them home.

I got my closet organized and did some other chores in my getting organized quest.

The guys working on our store got the right side of the deck done.

Tuesday, May 5, 2020

This morning, the chicks were fine again but the cedar is all wet and again, they had the water jug all filled with cedar shavings so they cannot drink. I put some dry cedar in but the cardboard box is really wet. I decided to see if our local Tractor Supply has any galvanized tubs that the chicks can living in for the next five weeks.

I went over to Tractor Supply and paid a small fortune for a six foot long oval galvanized tub for the chicks and moved them all over, one by one. They were all afraid of my hand so I had to sneak behind them and gently grab them to take them to their new home across the shed. Once I got them all in there, they spread out and seem to love it.

The one big thing I noticed today is that their feathers cover their wings now and most of them are growing tail feathers. I really thought baby chicks would stay tiny and adorable for several weeks but they are only six days old today. It is amazing.

PVC pipes for our garden watering system arrived today. David went into San Antonio to fill orders.

Baby chicks in galvanized tub.Baby chicks in galvanized tub.

Wednesday, May 6, 2020

I stayed home again today, getting organized and in shape for company this coming weekend. Today is our baby chicks' one week birthday of hatching. They are getting feathers and some are flying across the tub now. They love the room but are still afraid of my hand. Several times a day, I have to dump and change their water because they keep putting cedar shavings in it and pooping in it

Thursday, May 7, 2020

This morning, I organized my kitchen bowls and food storage containers. I threw a lot of them away and now when I open the door, things don't spill out of the cabinets.

At 2am, early this morning, I woke up and realized I forgot to turn on the heating lamp for the chicks! I rushed up, grabbed a robe and a flashlight and dashed outside. It was 68° Fahrenheit and the chicks were huddled together in two piles on either side of the tub. They were very happy to have the heat lamp back on.

Let me clarify that we live in Texas and the temperature has been getting up into the 90s, driving the temperature where the chicks are up to over 100° if I leave the heat lamp on during the day.

This morning, they were all fine and I gave the tub a complete cleaning, filling it with fresh cedar shavings.

David and I went to the local electric company to apply for another electric pole and some upgrades to our business pole. We had to pay another $6500.00 and now we wait. We hope they will hurry this time because our new business buildings are being built so we can move our whole operation out to the farm as soon as possible. That way, we can be out of the city and not have an hour's commute.

Friday, May 8, 2020

I finally finished getting organized in the master bedroom and closet, hoping to move on to the library/office but I had to stop to bake some treats for the weekend company we are having. The craft room is organized enough that I can get in there and actually sew.

David moved out of his green shed office behind our house into the new store. The move is temporary and will allow him to set up the store inventory the way he wants it as soon as our guys are done with construction.

Late this afternoon, we did an interview for a new position within our company, a logistics person. We had the right person in mind and we think he will be an awesome fit for our company. Hopefully, he will start in June. (He ended up not taking the job. He didn't even tell us he did not want it.)

Saturday, May 9, 2020

Today, our electrician came in and put up all of the lights and fans in our new store. The store looks so good, so bright, and so ready for some customers, except for the fact that there is no merchandise in there yet. David will be spending some time in there, getting organized for gardener shopping.

This morning, we got a call from our David's Garden Seeds® manager, Jay, saying that the mailman insisted on putting a large mail cart in our office so we do not have to keep taking our orders over to the post office just down the sidewalk from us. So this lovely cart now sits in what used to be our store and twice a day, we have to walk it out to the mailman when he goes to the post office.

We still have over 4,300 orders in our queue to fill and mail out because of the coronavirus. Amazon decided not to do FBA and a lot of the postal workers are no longer going to work due to social distancing. So we have to do Amazon's job and now pretend we work for the post office as well. I know it is temporary. Hopefully, we will be out of this place soon and Amazon will decide once again to do FBA and mail out the orders.

Our company showed up at lunchtime.

At 2pm, since the barbers opened back up in Texas, David got a haircut and shave. He took off the old man beard and he looks great again!

We stopped by a feed store to get some more chick feed and cedar shavings for the baby chicks who are ten days old today!

Sunday, May 10, 2020

Happy Mother's Day!Happy Mother's Day!

Today is Mother's Day. We took our company to our newly opened church. The usher offered us masks. We declined and had a short service. Then we got Bush's chicken and enjoyed a nice lunch at home with our visiting family. They left around 2pm.

The baby chickens are now flying all over the inside of the stock tank, with one up on the edge greeting me this morning. Looked like she was preparing for takeoff. We covered the tank with rabbit fencing so they cannot start flying all over our garden shed. They are only 11 days old today. They have another four and a half weeks living in here according to all of the books.

The chicks keep pooping in the chick feed and in their water. I have to keep cleaning both several times a day and they eat a lot. All of them are still afraid of us, no matter how much time we spend in there. It has been getting chilly at night so we still have to keep the heating lamp and a heater on throughout the night.

After the company left, we watched some western movies on TV and I fell asleep. My head hurt because I did not sleep well the night before.

I stayed home from the office for a whole week getting organized. It will be difficult going back to work in San Antonio tomorrow.

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